SHAREHOLDERS are co-owners of the company and a very important part of the AVA VENTURE. Your investments and continuous supports are critical to our growth and success. Welcome to the AVA family.

Because shareholders essentially own the company, our ultimate goal is to reap the benefits of AVA’s business upon success. These rewards can come in the form of increased equity valuations or financial profits distributed as dividends.

To encourage transparency, shareholders are given fair access to business models, plan information, data, reports, insights and other resources related to the AVA VENTURE.

THIS AVA VIP PORTAL is purposely created to provide all shareholders access to relevant information about the AVA VENTURE. 

Due to the confidentiality of some of the  information presented in this Portal, you may be required to login to your account before you can view such protected contents. Your credentials would have been automatically sent to your email provided in your Shareholding Agreement.

This  Portal is updated as necessary and when new information is available. Return and login to this Portal regularly to browse the updates accordingly. We may also email you updates when necessary.

INSIDE THIS PORTAL, you can also view your shareholding of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD, advice changes to your details and register for annual general meetings and other events.

You can use the FAQ section to get details of share holding, dealings and more.

Should you require further information or clarification of details, please contact the founder at [email protected].

If you need any technical support, email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp AVA founder Reggie Tan at +60123848517.


As per the SHAREHOLDING AGREEMENT that you have signed, shareholders agree to keep information relating to the Company confidential. The Company reserves all rights to take legal actions against a shareholder that breaches information confidentiality of the Company.

Shareholders that have detailed knowledge of the company’s intellectual property and trade secrets, business plans as well as relationships with key stakeholders and access to customer lists are strictly prohibited from using such and related insider information to start a rival business or contribute to a direct competitor.

Shareholders agree that even after departure from shareholding, a shareholder is still bound by these Confidentiality and Non-Competition clauses for a minimum period of 24 months from the date of official departure.