Welcome to the AVA SEMARAK BERHAD Shareholders Portal, an online platform accessible to all shareholders. To ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, certain sections of the portal are protected. Therefore, it is mandatory to log in to your account before accessing restricted contents.

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently streamlined our previous website into three distinct sub online systems, each serving a specific purpose:

  • Knowledge Centre: Immerse yourself in a wealth of information about AVA SEMARAK BERHAD. This section provides comprehensive insights into the company’s plans, models, and other pertinent details, facilitating a deeper understanding of our operations.
  • Portfolio Manager: Access the Portfolio Manager, a dedicated platform where shareholders can conveniently view and manage their shareholdings. Gain full control over your investment by leveraging our intuitive tools and features.
  • Forms: Seamlessly communicate with us through our Forms section, ensuring swift and efficient exchanges of important information. Find a curated selection of essential communication forms designed to cater to your specific needs.